Estuary Arts is nestled in a bush garden overlooking the Parapara estuary in Golden Bay. It is here that Rosie Little and Bruce Hamlin present their work in the gallery they built in 1987. Together they create an extensive range of art work in ceramic and glass, as well as acrylic and watercolour paintings. While each has specific talents, ideas freely flow between them and they collaborate on many pieces.

Nature is their inspiration: the hills, mountains and tidal estuaries of Golden Bay and Nelson; flora and fauna, the sea and the human form provide design motifs for this creative couple. Estuary Arts is a showcase for their landscape paintings, decorative pottery, glass art and hand-painted ceramic and glass tiles.

The gallery has been developed to be a peaceful sanctuary for Rosie and Bruce to create their works and welcome visitors.

Their work is sold directly from Estuary Arts, Parapara, Golden Bay and from the Suter Art Galley in Nelson.

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